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We have come to the end of 2017 and, you have evaluated growth and have projected goals for 2018. You know where your company is, its successes and failures and exactly where it needs to be for the next 365 days. You’ve put measures in place and you are fired up for a new year. But wait, how much have YOU grown this year? When was the last time you did something for your own self-development?

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Is your company’s growth synonymous with your personal growth? It might be linked but it is not the same. I’ve found that being a small business owner can have you branching off in all sorts of directions, ultimately stunting your growth. We try to be the master of all trades our business is involved in and even try to reinvent the wheel. But, sometimes this is absolutely unnecessary. How many of you can relate to this?

As independent as we are or try to be, no woman is an island. As mentioned in my article “Balancing Your Life as a Parent, Partner and Business Owner”, you can choose to balance your life and grow your business effectively and this is where self-development is key. This includes nurturing your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional being.

Take a few minutes to write your personal development plan then implement procedures to ensure you fulfill them. Treat your personal development as you would your business as developing self is your business and probably your most crucial responsibility as a human being.

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Decide how you’ll start your day (if you haven’t already), the types of books/materials you’ll absorb, the exercises you’ll take on, the duties you’ll delegate or sacrifices you’ll make to provide time for these personal goals, the affirmations and quiet time. For some, solitude/quiet time is critical for reflection and rejuvenation. Also that time to think affords an opportunity to catch things you’re missing internally and externally. Sometimes, your body and mind are telling you things but because you are so consumed by your workload, you fail to listen and that can lead to an avoidable issue.

You are truly your best asset so don’t keep sweeping self under that business rug. In return, your company will experience growth like never before just because you are not only a more developed person but an even better leader.