Accounts Payable/PurchasingManagement | Accounts Receivable Management

Bank, Credit Card, Loc & Merchant Account Reconcilations | General Ledger Maintenance

Financial Statements | Business Analysis Reports

Accounts Payable and Purchasing Management:

  • Generate & Manage Purchase Orders
  • Review and process your bills for payment
  • Generate manual or electronic checks for payment
  • Utilize E-bills and electronic bill pay
  • Maintain Detailed Accounts Payable Records
  • (Vendor Bills and Payments)
  • Inventory Control and Maintenance
  • Produce 1099s
  • Produce Reports:
    • AP Aging
    • AP Detail
    • Vendor Balance
    • Unpaid Bills
    • Check Register

Accounts Receivable Management:

  • Generate your customer invoices and purchase orders.
  • Record Sales
  • Compute customer discounts
  • Record customer payments
  • Record bank deposits
  • Collections
  • Record merchant account receipts
  • Maintain detailed accounts receivable records
  • Sales tax calculation & tracking (state and local)
  • Produce reports:
    • A/R Aging
    • A/R Detail
    • Customer Balances
    • Collections
    • Income by Customer
    • Sales by Customer
    • Invoice Listing

Bank, Credit Card, LOC and Merchant Account Reconciliations:

  • Reconcile bank account(s) credit card account(s)
  • LOC account(s), merchant account.
  • Record fees/charges
  • Record debit card and other electronic
  • transactions
  • Analysis and reconciliation of debits, credits, deposits in transit, and outstanding checks
  • Discrepancy research & resolution
  • Produce reports

General Ledger Maintenance:

  • Chart of Accounts maintenance
  • Reconciliation of G/L accounts
  • Miscellaneous Journal entries
  • Correcting Journal entries
  • Closing Journal entries
  • Trial Balance

Financial Statements:

  • Monthly Balance Sheet
    • Assets, Liabilities, Equity
  • Monthly Income Statement
    • Income, Expenses, Net Income
  • Statement of Cash Flows
    • Operating, Investing & Financing
  • Activities, Cash Inflow, Cash
  • Outflow, Cash on Hand

Business Analysis Reports:

Our customized business analysis reports help our clients look into the future.

These reports have simple star rating on key areas and commentary that is concise and easy to read, that won’t overwhelm the client with too much detail

  • These reports address areas such as:
    • Liquidity—can you meet your obligations as they come due?
    • Gross profit and Net profit—are these trends favorable?
    • Sales—are they growing? Are you satisfied with their levels?
    • Borrowing—is it costing you more than it should?
    • Assets—are they being used effectively
    • Employees—are you hiring effectively

In addition, we have found that an annual benchmark valuation can help our clients determine whether or not they are heading in the right direction. The business analysis report should be reviewed at least annually.

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